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Friday, February 24, 2017 7:02:51 PM

WEDNESDAY NIGHT was "Duece Double Duece Night" (February 22nd.. Get It! 2/22?) Lololol, Anyway some Games took some very interesting twists and turns. As We take time out now, to talk about the night that was. No Gimmicks Needed Here! The Mason Dixon Indoor Men's Flag League has become Very Very Interesting Indeed.
Let's start with giving credit where credit is due! As The DOOM TRITONS keep rolling on their winning ways. Coming back from 14 down on FS Assault to take the victory over last sessions Title Takers.The Assault jumped out Very Early on a Doom Team who went into this one without their Starting QB. The Defense had their hands full like a kid TRICK OR TREATING on October 31st! But the trick to this team is far from a treat when the scoreboard is a reflection of solid play as always from the players who did show up and show out.
This Victory for The TRITONS makes it Very Cozy for them going into the remainder of the session. Since it would take a total meltdown for them to ever come out of that coveted No.#1 Spot! For The Assault, this game gave them some much needed incentive to keep sharpening the knives for a playoff game that may or may not match them up against this team. That I'm sure they want to see again! Again,The Assault knows what its like to take home The Title. So I expect Dakota London and His Teammates to put this one in the Hurt Locker and Move On.
Now as we continue through the venue.. The Freedom Football Club came into their game looking to get their 1st Win against a team they know all too well, The OutLawS! Rome West has this team looking to be peaking at the right time. With Big Games coming up in the next couple of weeks. They are gonna have a fight on their hands as The HOGHEADS who were on a BYE Week is only a game back on that No.#2 Spot. Nothing I'm sure, made them feel better than moving into that place in the standings. However, The Hogheads will have something to say about it as they face off undoubtedly before The Playoffs get going. As Nick Newberry and this FFC Squad has been in every game they've played so far. They just never seem to pull any of them out so far. The Playoffs will definitely be the time to prove they can be a Cinderella Story. Given they can make it over the hump.
Nonetheless, The Four Teams underneath The DOOM TRITONS appear to be all moving in the right directions as far as chemistry is concerned. The Real Challenge for them all is to get all of the pieces they have in place to produce at a rate that could make this Playoff Bracket again VERY INTERESTING when it comes to who faces who and when. With that being said.. This Week will add more to the template of GREAT ACTION seen here at FreeState. While The Fans continue to enjoy the Big Catches, Hustle Plays and Dramatic Comebacks that makes every quarter QUALITY TIME and Not about the QUANTITY of TIME!
I am CommissionerVOYCE and I approve this message!
Duece Double Duece Night @ FreeState
Wednesday, February 22, 2017 7:44:45 PM

Welcome One & All,
As TONIGHT is "Duece Double Duece Night!" @ FreeState Indoor Sports Arena! Where The Mason Dixon Indoor Men's Flag League is set to ROCK & ROLL! With 2 Great Games that are VERY MEANINGFUL to some teams looking to bolster their place in the seedings. While 1 Team is looking to keep their UNDEFEATED STREAK in tact. Another is still looking for their 1st Victory! Let's Talk a Little Football, Uhh FootBALL, FOOTBALL!!!
0-5 Freedom Football Club vs 2-1-2 The OutLawS
While Freedom has been looking for that 1st Win still. Tonight they look to finally get it over The OutLawS who have dominated the series between the two so far. The OutLawS are a team filled with Dazzling Playmakers that are looking to string together some more victories and get out of the middle of the pack in the standings. Yet this FFC Squad has all of the tangible means to get the job done. That "W" has still kept its distance from the Win Column. Manager Nick Newberry will look to orchestrate that changein the standings tonight. As a Unit, this FFC Squad would want to do so and string together these last couple of weeks and show they are far better than their record would state.
Watch out for THE FIREWORKS! Cause this one is gonna be WORTHY of a Trip to White Marsh to SEEand Enjoy with a Hot Slice of Pepperoni Pizza from The Lovely Amber at Concessions! 8pm can't get here fast enough for both of these teams.
1-2-1 FS Assault vs 5-0 Doom Tritons
This is where "THE RUBBER MEETS THE ROAD!" Cause Tonight somebody is gonna drive past the opposition into Confidence Row! As The UNDEFEATED Doom Tritons led by The Fabulous Fowler Brotherswould like to do nothing more than to put their thumbs down on The XPLOSION who won it all last session by locking into that #1 Seed and coast into The Playoffs. However, to do that Dakota London and The Guys would have to give up a "W" in a session that has been anything but easy sailing so far. These two teams matchup very well on paper and makes for an even better look on the field.
I expect to see both teams leave it all on the field in front of Head Referee, B.J. Barnes and Company for 4 quarters of High Tempo Action! Now when I say they match up well, I mean THEY MATCH UP WELL! So unless there is a Major Event taking place in Downtown Baltimore. The Attendance of the preceeding game may choose to stay to watch this SLOBBER KNOCKER unfold on the field. President TRUMP said he'is building a Wall.. He better build it like The Fabulous Fowler Brothers! Who used The Micheal Jackson Theory in their Master Plans. It's Too High to get over and Too Low to get under.. cause if Your stuck in the middle of the field with them. The PAIN is THUNDER! DOOM TRITON kinda THUNDER that is!
NEVER MISS the action! WEDNESDAY NIGHTS were made for FOOTBALL @ FreeState! Duece Double Duece Night brings You 2 GREAT GAMES as only we know how. With Pride, Power and Respect for the game! I'm CommissionerVOYCE and I am OUT!
Stay Hungry for a Victory My Friend! 
Mason Dixon Indoor Men's Flag Football League
Tuesday, January 31, 2017 1:02:18 PM

Hello Indoor Football Fans and FANATICS,
Last Weeks Action was HOT and HEAVY! As The HOGHEADS and FREEDOM FOOTBALL CLUB played a highlight filled game on Field 2 at FreeState! The HOGHEADS take this Game by the score of 34-24 overThe FFC! #0 Byron B. led Freedom in all stats. As #0 for The HOGHEADS came away with 3 catches. Stay Tuned for more from this Gritty Freedom Football Club Unit.
On Filed 1, at the same time.. FS ASSAULT aka The XPLOSION faced off against The OUTLAWS! Now this Outlaws Squad is filled with Ultra Talented Playmakers that make you want to watch. #2 DaVontaF. had a Stunning Day completing 11 passes for The OUTLAWS! While across from him #17 K. Robinson matched him with 11 completions. Which made the Final Score easy to understand. 14-14 BJ Barnes and His Staff did an AMAZING JOB amonst the many rules being enforced both on and off the field.
We look for THIS WEEKS MATCH-UPS to start molding and shaping The Have's from The Have Not's!With every game being played so closely. It's hard not to want to watch these teams play EVERY WEEK! I Love The Energy! ..and Now that The Politics are Out of The Way.. LET'S PLAY SOME HIGH QUALITY Football, Uhh FootBALL, Uhh FOOTBALLLLLL!
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